Got S.W.A.G?

Black Hog Brewing has really earned a place close to my heart. I’ve been drinking their beer for about a year now, loving their beer for the same amount of time, and recently I’ve been cooking with their beer too! I made a pineapple granola brown glazed ham with their Granola Brown Ale  Click Here for the recipe.

I learned that Black Hog started off with two brothers and a passion for food and craft beer. Jason and Tom Sobocinski named their brewery after a family tradition of roasting a pig at any special gathering. 
Black Hog came to Oxford Connecticut when the brothers linked up with Tyler Jones an old family friend, and fellow brewer. Tyler previously was a brewer at The Portsmouth in New Hampshire. 

So glad this plan came together and Black Hog came so close to home! This has become a go to brewery for me and my boyfriend. 
Let’s get to the beer!

S.W.A.G is a summer wheat ale brewed with organic grapefruit peel and sage. YUM, is the only thought that crosses my mind. All of the herbs used were grown in Black Hog’s on site garden boxes. Very cool, in my opinion. 

This is a seasonal brew, available in the summer time with an ABV of 4.7% and IBU of 12

Hops used in this brew consist of lemon drop, perle, and super galena.

Mats used are 2-row pale, crystal 110, munich, and wheat malt.

S.W.A.G has a malty, citrus aroma accompanied with a golden, hazy body. The light white, caramel head dissipates quickly. 

This brew is fully carbonated with very crisp, clean wheat, citrus notes. Extremely palate cleansing.

I can’t lie, I’m always looking for that bold flavor in a brew, that one thing that makes it stand out, but this beer is very balanced so it’s a bit hard for me. I enjoy the fact that it is well balanced but there isn’t much about this brew that stands out to me. It’s crushable and pleasant, definitely a nice summer beer and one you can throw back on the beach, but not my favorite Black Hog beer.

I’m very glad I tried this, like I said I completely adore Black Hog and I really enjoy this beer, just not my favorite.

Give it a try!! I feel like even when a beer doesn’t blow you away it still can open you up to new styles or help you understand a brewery more. Never pass a beer up just because it’s not your favorite. If you only try styles you LOVE, you will never expand your palate!
Thank you Black Hog Brewing! 
-C.Brew Gal

Sources: http://blackhogbrewing.com/


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