Craft Beer Bar Review-Another Look At Hop Häus 

Almost exactly a year ago a local craft beer bar opened in my town right around the corner from my house. I was intrigued and went, of course immediately. I tried the spot out a couple times and was able to really get a feel for the bar.

Eventually I wrote a review and went into a lot of detail regarding the atmosphere, food, and knowledge the staff on hand seemed to have. 

I wanted to do a follow up review because I feel like a lot has changed at this bar. A lot of exciting changes, and to be honest I feel like Hop Häus deserves a follow up review.

I had wrote in my last review “…these guys here really seem to enjoy their jobs and want their bar to succeed so I have high hopes and am excited to go back and see even more improvement.” I did see improvement. 

So please, if you haven’t yet, please read my first review and then dive on into this. 

Direct link to my last article: http://sommbeer.com/hop-haus-plantsville-connecticut-bar-review/?utm_source=

Hop Häus is located on 8 West Main Street in Plantsville Connecticut. Quinn’s tavern used to be located here. When you walk inside you see table top seating to the right with some booths lining the wall. In the center of the restaurant you have the bar area with high chairs surrounding the whole island. To the far left there is another table top seating area that is actually quite large. Because of the parking lot it always looks like the place is packed, but you will almost always at least be able to grab a seat at the bar. 

I had mentioned the decor as being “boring” and “modern” when I first went to Hop Häus. After about six months they really started getting into decorating. The restaurant is still undergoing more improvements but all the wine decor was taken down and replaced with craft beer decor. This small change really improved the atmosphere. I feel like the wine decor really confused the theme, removing that completely brought the bar together. 

Below is a picture I took of the bar from last year. Nothing really has changed regarding the bar itself. The bar seems really nicely designed so this was not a disappointment at all. 

I’m also going to include a few extra pictures this time so you can all really get a feel for the atmosphere.


I had also mentioned how the menu was starting to rotate. That is now in full affect! So, so happy to talk about this because I was so disappointed in the food I had been served before. 

First of all, almost the whole menu has changed, which is awesome. Their once small and not very versatile menu now has a great selection of bar bites, moderately priced entrees and desserts as well as amazing dessert/coffee drinks. I recommend the reversed iced coffee. They put the alcohol in the ice cubes so as the cubes melt the liquor infuses into the coffee. YUM. 

The picture below is a shot of their OUTSTANDING charcuterie. Brie and smoked cheeses, multiple meats, olives, grapes, brilliant presentation. The picture doesn’t even do this platter justice. I could tell by the way our waitress brought over the dish that she was impressed and proud of the presentation as well. That to me says a lot about a business. Caring enough to be proud of the quality and presentation really makes the consumer feel that much more important. 

We also started with the house chips, which have been great from the get. House made chips with yummy blue cheese. I highly recommend giving them a try. Reliable, consistent and tasty. 

My boyfriend ordered a steak medium rare, the steak was delicious and so well seasoned… Not to mention perfectly cooked.

Below is a picture of the sandwich  I ended up getting. Chicken panini with mozzarella,tomato and pesto on toasted focaccia. Delicious.  

As I mentioned they have also started to rotate their menu, so if you find there isn’t much that interests you but you enjoy the atmosphere and the drinks, give them another shot. Come back another time and they will have new creative dishes on. 

The prices are still the same, still a little bit steep but now that the food is a lot better quality and the drinks are on point it makes me feel like the prices are more accurate than before. Although the dishes are the same size and the prices haven’t changed, you absolutely get a better deal on your meal.

I feel like one of the main issues I had with Hop Häus in the beginning was the fact that they didn’t seem to fully understand their product. Sometimes names of breweries/beers would be spelled wrong on their beer list, sometimes you would get a wrong sized pour. I was hoping that this was just from transitioning and getting a new business settled. I’m happy to say that this is really appearing to be true with Hop Häus. I’ve checked the beer list several different times, everyone is on point, all pours are the proper size. The staff just seems to be more aware of their product and have a better knowledge/understanding of the craft beer industry in general. It’s really nice to see all the changes that have been made and all the hard work that’s been going into this establishment. 

Not only have they improved just about aspect of their business, but they have added even more awesomeness…

Hop Häus now hosts meet the brewer nights where staff from a specific brewery will come down and mingle, pour some samples etc. I don’t know many places, especially so local that do this so I was really impressed. They are also great events to go to, there is always a big crowd and it’s just a fun time. Also, it’s awesome to be able to meet some of the people that are brewing the beer we all love!

Cheers Hop Häus! Everyone that’s helped your business grow deserves a nice cold one. The amount of improvements that have been made in such a short time is really me blowing. Can’t wait to watch you all continue to grow and gain more success. 

Thank you for many great meals, beers, and memories.


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