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The Lovely, Sweet Jenny

Flying Jenny is a year round available extra pale ale.
Brewed in?
Westerly Rhode Island.

Being unfiltered this little lady is a little hazy; Lite golden body with a lite caramel glow.
This here is an Ode to Northwestern hops-Columus, Zeus, Tomahawk and…….. DRY HOPPED WITH CASCADE!(brewed also with five different malts.)
6% ABV • 54 IBU <— I got more fruity hops character not too bitter.

available in 12oz. cans and on draft.
So anyways, yea, this is a 4 out of 5 stars beer for me. 
Hats off to Grey Sail, the hop combo is unique and colorful. It’s quite like a hop fiesta in your mouth… If you can imagine that I’m proud of you.
If not…try this beer.

The blend of Columbus, Zeus and Tomahawk blend so well together.
I wasn’t surprised when I found out Columbus and Tomahawk are from the same tribe. These hops are now paired together (CTZ), but were once sold separately to hop growers… That is until they found out they were the same variety. (I thought that was pretty cool) You can still find and brew these hops separately if you wish.
Back to my original thought…
These hops are POIFECT together! Perfect combo of citrus and fruit…. Not to mention dry hopped with cascade?! Really enjoyed this beer.
Sit back, crack one open and give it a go!
Stay safe and have fun!
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